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Get your Rent a Car Costs down

I was talking to a friend yesterday who paid more to rent a car for three days than I would pay for a week! When I asked him why he had spent so much money, he told me he booked it from the airport counter and he always rented from the same rental company. I have written in detail about car rentals but some tips for saving money: Book in advance Use a comparison website eg Priceline, Vroomvroomvroom or‎ Ditch loyalty – other companies have the same cars so I have joined more than one…

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Car Rental Clubs

I had a last minute flight to Auckland, New Zealand which arrived at close to midnight. On arrival at the airport, I headed to the Car Rental counters to find every car in Auckland was already out on loan. I explained I was not thrilled especially as I was a member of the Car Rental Company’s Club. As soon as I said this, the woman behind the counter looked more closely at my booking, confirmed my membership and moments later I was driving out of the airport in a shiny new hire car. Being a member…

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