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Not Smiling with Thai Smile

Thailand has a number of low cost carriers (Orient Thai, Lion Air, Air Asia) plus two popular “Premium Low Cost” airlines: Bangkok Airways and Nok Air, both of whom I have flown in the last year. In 2011, THAI Airways board began THAI Smile to compete in this market. The name came from a competition with 2,229 entries. For this flight, I was keen to discover the distinguishing marks of Thai Smile? Is the brand distinctive? Booking: 8/10 THAI Smile flies to about 13 domestic and one international destinations and is reportedly planning to expand international services. Confusingly THAI Smile use both…

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Unique Nok Air – Trip Report

a yellow and white logo

Today, I was one of three “farangs” (foreigners) on a Nok Air 737 completely full of Thai people travelling from Bangkok, Thailand to Phuket. I could not work out if this was a random coincidence or do most foreigners not choose Nok? Me? I have wanted to fly the bright yellow Thai “Premium Budget” carrier for some time and today’s flight gave me that opportunity! Nok is the 90th airline I have travelled with since I started flying in 1968! Nok means bird in Thai. They are largely a domestic operation with an international flight to Myanmar. Booking:…

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Airport Celebrates with Teddy bears

Last December marked the 110th year since humanity began flying and commercial flight began 100 years ago last January. On March 27, Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand cerebrates its century.   It was officially opened in 1914 as a Royal Thai Air Force base, although it had been in use earlier than that date. Commercial flights started in 1924 and continued until 2006 when Bangkok’s second airport opened. The airport is now a hub for low cost Thai carriers. Last week passengers were treated to gifts of teddy bears riding on the luggage carousels. Check out the…

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