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I’ve been to 80 countries- Here’s My Top Ten

Having been to so many amazing, wonderful places, whittling down my list to my top ten has taken quite a bit of work and thought. Out of all my 80  countries I have been to, there are just five I would never go back to again. I am  sometimes reluctant to share my favourites, because it can lead to a war of words on why I chose one place and not another! My criteria are based around culture, food, ease of travel, safety and peace, great nature and people. So with that caveat, here are…

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Check your hotel clock

it has happened to me a few times now. Stagger into bed after a late night flight only to be woken by the hotel room alarm clock at 3am or having promised oneself a long overdue sleep in to have that reality disturbed at 5am by the hotel room alarm clock Sometimes guests manage to leave and forget the alarm clock settings. It is worth saving a quick check to make sure you are not going to be woken at an ungodly hour

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Travel Tip #15 Wimdu and AirBnB

On my last New York City trip I checked into a room one block from Times Square. The queen size bed was comfortable. There was a full kitchen, a very clean bathroom and small living/dining room. A balcony gave a view of the Manhattan skyline. Downstairs we had a concierge in duty with dry cleaning services if we needed it. All this for $100 a night! Through AirBnB, “a social website that connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay” we got a place that was…

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Hotel Lock Out

Recently, my partner and I stayed at a small rural hotel in Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Check in was pleasant and friendly. We dumped our bags in the room, had a shower and went out to dinner. As I reached into my pocket in the restaurant at about 1020pm for the car keys to return to the hotel, I realised that I did not have the room key. I immediately rang the hotel and got the voice mail of reception.  I left a detailed message and then rang again 30 minutes later. When we arrived at the hotel at…

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