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$25 for using Travelocity app

If you download and use the Travelocity app to book a hotel room of $US99 or more, they will give you $25 off the booking. I used it for a resort room in Thailand. The code one uses is MOBILE25. The deal is available until 30th november 2014. I checked with kayak.com which lists almost all possible rates one can get for a hotel. The Travelocity rate was a good one and the extra $25 was a bonus. I am an ingrate though. I am unlikely to use the app regularly. It does promise exclusive special prices. It will also keep all…

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All by myself – passenger stranded in Las Vegas

What would you do when stuck overnight in an airport? Overnight at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Richard Dunn made a video lip syncing to Celine Dion’s All by myself using his ipad, watched by his bemused wife, cleaning staff and security personnel… (so technically, he wasn’t all by himself!) Celine Dion has responded to the video saying she loved it and inviting Richard to see his show next time he is in town.      

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Protecting Data & Identity On the Road

When I first travelled, I carried a moneybelt into which I put my passport and money. I knew having my money or documents stolen put me at risk. I no longer wear a money belt having developed other strategies (but still keep my stuff safe). Today there are a group of thieves that aren’t interested in pickpocketing but instead want your  bank account details and computer passwords. Travellers can be very vulnerable. We need strategies to avoid these targets. Here are some.   1. Choose Passwords wisely According to password management company SplashData, the top…

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Check your hotel clock

it has happened to me a few times now. Stagger into bed after a late night flight only to be woken by the hotel room alarm clock at 3am or having promised oneself a long overdue sleep in to have that reality disturbed at 5am by the hotel room alarm clock Sometimes guests manage to leave and forget the alarm clock settings. It is worth saving a quick check to make sure you are not going to be woken at an ungodly hour

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