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All about Visas

Just had yet another discussion with an international traveller who was amazed that  they needed to get a visa in advance for several of the countries they are planning to visit. “I have a passport“, they said. A passport is a document issued by your home country that identifies you as a citizen of that country. A visa is essentially a permission note from the country you are visiting indicating you can enter and stay there temporally. There are many types of visa including: a tourist visa (the most common type of visa) a work visa (this means…

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Argentinean Airport Line Altercation

After my plane touched down into Buenos Aires airport,  there was a rush forward of people determined to get off first! Seated in the first row of Economy (Row 20A on this American Airlines Boeing 777) meant I had a little head start. I walked quickly and was soon close to the front of all the deplaned passengers. (Immigration queues in many countries can be horrendous so I try to be as close to first in the queue as I can!). Upon deplaning, we walked up a steep gangway to a gleaming new terminal. More twists and turns brought us to…

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