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Disconnected Star Alliance Points

I have flown Turkish Airlines six times in the past  six weeks. They are a member of the  Star Alliance (along with United, US Air, Singapore, Lufthansa and others).  The Alliance  slogan is: “The Way the Earth connects”. Upon booking, I called Turkish Airlines, and asked them  to enter my United number into the Turkish Reservations system attached to my flight bookings. When checking in online, I found my number was absent from the system,  so I re0entered it. At the airport, check in counter, I found (again) my United  number was absent from my booking. When…

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Malaysian A380 Excellent Infographic!

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Less Luxury at Lux air?

I have been to Luxembourg once. This tiny Grand Duchy has a population of half a million in an area of just under 1000 square miles (2 586sq km) in an area bounded by Belgium, Germany and  France. It is the 170th smallest country in the world and the second wealthiest. The Grand Duchy has a railway company: Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois with six lines. The last visit I had to Luxembourg was by train so I have not had the pleasure of flying the Duchy’s airline:  Luxair. The carrier is rated a 3 star by Skytrax -but has very high customer reviews.…

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The Vanishing Colours of Europe’s Tails

As a kid, I first started plane spotting when I flew through the airports of  in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. I became expert by the age of six at picking out all of the different tails of airlines. The bright colours of Braniff, the dignified blue of Pan Am, the proud speedbird of BOAC,  the Kangaroo of Qantas and the blue and white S of Sabena all were recognisable instantly. Fast forward forty years, and most of those airlines are gone. As an adult, I still like looking at those tails and dream both about the carrier and it…

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Tuesday Trip Report: Korean Airlines A380

I have been systematically working my way through all of the airlines that have A380 products. So far I have flown (in date order) Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Emirates and  Lufthansa. Today’s  trip report: Korean Airlines A380. Korean was founded in 1962. For a long time it had a very dubious safety record with 16 aircraft involved in serious incidents and accidents in the 1970s to 1990s. Total loss of life:  700. Their safety has improved enormously, with the last incident in 1997. They have also received several awards for their service with Skytrrax rating them four stars. They are a member…

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