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Vale Malaysia Airlines- Why it must be

In 1947, a Malayan Airways six seater Airspeed Consul took off from Sinagpore to Kuala Lumpur beginning what became the five star Malaysia Airlines we know today with their 98 strong fleet including 380s flying to 60 destinations. Malaysia Airlines has for years, epitomised to me the romance of flying. Friendly attentive crews who worked hard to take passengers to exotic places like Sabah, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. Their clean comfortable interesting planes and great service have made my travels a delight. All of this will come to an end by September 1 under a  restructuring…

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MH370 “Pings” detected?

Reports are coming in that a Chinese patrol ship Haixun have detected electronic “pings” which could be coming from the black boxes of Malaysia Airlines MH370. The pings are coming in from the 217 559 square kilometre (84,000 square mile) area the Boeing 777 is believed to be lost in. At a press conference Sunday morning in Perth, Australia, Air Chief Marshal “Angus” Houston, who was appointed to lead the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, outlined the facts and realities of the situation as captured in the conference transcript. Related Posts 3 weeks 3 questions unanswered MH370 ended in…

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MH370 Co Pilot last to speak….

“All right, good night” The final words from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, “All right, good night“, apparently delivered in a “calm voice”  after the plane’s transmission equipment had been disabled were apparently those of the co pilot. This was revealed by the CEO of Malaysia Airlines. This followed verification of the recording. Related Posts 26 countries now in search for MH370 (March 17) Malaysia calls for help from 25 nations (March 16) MAS 370 could be in 634 places (March 16) No Dangerous Goods on MH370 (March 16) MH370 still transmitting 7 hrs later (March 16) MH 370 Map: Two…

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Sun rises on a new day in Malaysia

Sunrise this morning in Malaysia is at 0722am local time today. With the sun rise comes a bewildering lack of answers as to how one of the world’s safest aeroplanes flown by a five star airline suddenly vanished off radar screens on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.The weather was clear with no warnings. The signs point to a catastrophic event for Malaysia Airlines MH 370.  If there had been a mechanical failure,  the pilot should have been able to radio for help. Did the plane suddenly break up and/or went into a very steep dive, similar to…

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