Australia to Singapore Scoot 2 for 1 Sale

For two days only. Scoot is offering a very cheap way to get to Singapore from Gold Coast,  Perth and Sydney. Flight dates: from today until 30th November.  The first passenger pays fare and taxes and the second passenger only pays taxes. The offer does not apply to their Business Class fares.

In addition, the airline is also taking 15 per cent off the price off Super & Stretch seats which give you 35″ of leg room.

I found good availability looking through October and November. The cheapest price I found from Sydney to Singapore was AUD 646.95 return for two ($US602). Thats $A323.47 each ($US301). The most common roundtrip fare for two is $AUD727.

Note you need to add:

  • seat (a super seat costs around $50 a person for each segment)
  • a bag for $34 each way per person
  • meals and drinks with a light meal combo including drink costing $12 and hot meal combo being around $15

A round trip in a super seat with a hot meal on each flight and sharing a bag cost around $1000 for two people. This compares to $620 per person with Air Asia or around $700 for Malaysia and $750 for Qantas, Malaysia, Emirates and Etihad.

Watch out for Scoot sneakily trying to add travel insurance of $144 per passenger and they charge a $9 per passenger per segment “processing fee” for a Credit Card payment which I find galling.

Bookings have opened from today 22 Aug 2014 until 2359 hrs, 24 Aug 2014  (Australian Eastern time) and can only be made via this page.

140822 scoot

Scoot is Singapore Airline’s low cost subsidiary.   They have a 3 star rating from Skytrax.  Scoot customers give the carrier a rating of 7 out of 10 on Skytrax. My Overall rating of Scoot is 74%.

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