Amazing Amman

a city with many buildings on the hillsideAmman, the capital of Jordan is somewhere I almost never hear about. I was curious to find out what the city was like. I loved it.

Home to almost 3 million people, the city straddles a series of hills. Originally it was built on seven hills – now 19.
Amman has had an existence for almost 12 000 years. 

The city is expecting to double in size in the next 15 years straining its natural resources such as water

a yellow car on a street

Its transit system is very frustratingly under developed. There are buses running throughout the city but information is hard to access and it is hard as a visitor to get around using them. 
A group of volunteers are trying to develop an ordered bus map for the city.
A new Rapid Bus system is being planned as is a three line metro is planned.  I hope they get built.
Taxis are good and fairly cheatp. Driving is crazy!

Despite some tensions caused by pro and anti King actions, I felt very safe in Amman.People were very friendly and welcoming. I only got ripped off once.

Food and drink were delicious and fresh. The Falafel was the freshest and most delicious I have ever tasted. I have blogged earlier about buying one of my favourite Guava drinks (see picture below).

a plate of food with a spoon
Palestinian style Pastry filled with cheese and dipped in a sweet sauce at an Amman Cafe delicious
a bottle with a label on it
Delicious guava drink
a woman standing outside a fruit stand
Fresh fruit juice stand in Old Amman

a large building with blue domes with Shah Mosque in the background

a road with cars on it

a group of buildings on a hill

a courtyard with trees and bushes

a path with trees and bushes in front of a city

a rooftop view of a city
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