The search for MH370 [updated] @PlanesAroundTheGlobe @PlanesAroundTheGlobe

The Search and Rescue effort for Malaysian MH370 involves:

  • Malasyia Airlines
  • Malasyian Department of Civil Aviation
  • Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Malaysian Navy
  • Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency,
  • Butterworth-based Intergrated Area Defence System Headquarters
  •  the Hawaii-based United States Pacific Command.
  • two  Chinese maritime rescue ships are being sent to aid rescuers searching work for missing Malaysia Airlines 777.
  •  agencies from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines

The mission involves maritime patrol aircraft, fighter jets, frigates,  submarines and  fishing vessels.

The plane lost contact near Ca Mau province airspace as it was preparing to transfer to Ho Chi Minh City air traffic control,” a statement on the official Vietnamese government website had said.

mh 370
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