Vietnamese Navy says MH370 HAS crashed into ocean

Tuoi Tre (“Youth News), a main daily Vietnamese newspaper has reported that the Vietnamese Navy has confirmed that the missing Malaysian Airways 777  crashed into the ocean.

Navy Admiral Ngo Van Phat, Commander of the Region 5, military radar recorded that the plane crashed into the sea at a location 251kilometers (153 nautical miles) South of Phu Quoc island in Malaysian territorial waters. If there are any survivors, then they need to be rescued now as every hour in the ocean reduces their chances.

The Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has not been able to confirm the report by Vietnamese state media but has asked the Malaysian navy to confirm.

MH370 was removed from the arrivals board at the Beijing airport shortly after the Vietnamese announcement.

mh 370 arr board


Update: Malaysia Airlines Facebook page Cover and Profile photos have been greyed out:

mas facebook

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