Know anything about Lyft

Has anyone used Lyft?

Lyft is a smartphone app that seems to match drivers with people looking for rides in several key cities across the USA. When the ride ends, the app automatically charges payment from the passenger’s saved credit card. Lyft also provide drivers with additional excess insurance, including a $1M liability insurance.

The company says: “Passengers and drivers rate each other. If you rate someone 3 stars or below, you’ll never be matched with them again.”

I am curious to know if it works. I also could not see pricing on the website.

Any information or experiences?

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  1. I love Lyft. I have been using it for months.

    I live in a city where very few people own a car, so we’re reliant upon public transportation and ride sharing.

    Personally, I think Uber black cars are the best thing out there. But they’re also super expensive.

    I have tried the cheaper UberX, but I find that the drivers don’t know the city well at all, and have to plug very basic landmarks into their GPS, which means they find some of the slowest routes.

    Lyft has prices lower than UberX, with far friendlier and more knowledgeable drivers. They also have a great referral program, where you get $25 for referring somebody, and the new user gets $25.

    Lyft just raised a ton of money, and they immediately dropped prices for all users (but kept driver reimbursement the same!) That’s the sign of a good company.

    They are awesome!

  2. Just took Lyft for the first time from the suburbs of Boston (Newton) to BOS. The fare was a ridiculously low $23! That is normally a $60 fare. Plus, I had a $50 signup bonus which meant it was free with credit left over! They did not have as many riders on the road as Uber, so I had to wait a bit to find one, but it worked out well.

  3. Lyft is very similar to UberX in that it is regular people driving passengers around in their own cars. I’ve had mostly positive experiences with it in DC, and it is oftentimes cheaper than Uber. Boarding Area blogger Points and Pixie Dust has posted about her experiences with Lyft and is also a fan.

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