App matches hosts & guests for meals

Love the concept of an app called Eatwith. It matches visitors to  a city with hosts who open their homes up and cook for those visitors.

I am a huge fan of anything that helps me experience the “real” culture of a place.

I have enjoyed a five course home cooked meal in France, meats, pastries breads and dumplings in Germany and amazing melt in your mouth pasta dishes in Hungary. I have supped on stews and sweets in Scotland, noshed on lamb roast in New Zealand, tasted tamales in  Costa Rica, feasted on rice and chicken in El Salvador and gorged on  falafels, meats and breads in the Middle East. Add to these curries in Nigeria, Sadza in Zimbabwe and potlucks and apple pie in the USA. People have also taken me into their homes in Fiji, Hong Kong and Canada.

Every time someone has suggested a meal in their home instead of a restaurant, my heart rejoices! Thank you to my wonderful hosts from across the globe.

I will be upfront and say  I have not tried the Eatwith app but I want to! We are going to give it a try in Europe in September.

It works like this:

  1. You choose a destination
  2.  Then you choose a host in that city. Hosts are reviewed so you know what you are getting into. The app also matches you to homes which have easy parking and/or public transport.
  3. You agree on their price and menu
  4. Rnjoy a meal with them at their place.
  5. Review the host.

The major limiting factors so far are the number of countries that have opportunities. For example, Thailand and Malaysia have no opportunities listed. Then the options within a city still seem limited.

Whats your experience of eating at people’s homes in another country? Have you tried Eatwith? Would you?


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