The Top Ten views from the air

What would you consider to be the ten best views from the air?

British Airways asked their pilots who fly 180 routes globally to nominate their top ten:

  1. Northern Lights- I’d love to see them!
  2. Central London – Approach into Heathrow (I wonder how much that is about BA pilots coming home?)
  3. Mont Blanc – Pisa
  4. Sydney Harbour – on departure from Sydney, Australia
  5. Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and bay – San Francisco
  6. Greenland – North Atlantic flights
  7. Venetian canals – Venice, Italy
  8. Cape Town, Table Mountain, South Africa
  9. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  10. Mount Fuji

The survey comes hot on PrivateFly’s annual “best airport approaches” poll.

What would you consider to be your top ten sights from the air? Mine are:

  1. Sydney  on arrival or departure
  2. Queenstown, New Zealand (which BA do not fly to)
  3. The Turkish mountains including Mount Ararat  IMG_9703
  4. Flying into Venice (I kept pinching myself that it was “real“!)
  5. London City, UK
  6. Flying over  New Zealand especially if one can see Mount Ruapehu 1202 propellor PN akl photo
  7. San Francisco Bay sfo bay
  8. The Alps
  9. Oahu, Hawaii, USA
  10. Great Plains, USA


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