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This year’s Heart Warming Heathrow Bears Ad makes eyes water- so does the airport

This heartwarming video may cause some sniffles! Based on the Heathrow Bear ad from last year (see video at end of post), this tells the story of how Doris and Edward Bear met in Christmas 1967 at London’s Heathrow airport when Doris returns Edward’s hat. It then follows their Heathrow reunions from then until now. Very sweet: Having been a LHR airport user since 1968 when I first flew out on a BOAC Viscount VC10, many elements seem familiar! Filmed in Heathrow Terminal One which opened in 1968, the year after the bears met in this ad! Poetic license is a…

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Quarter Million dollar mouse stops aeroplane 

The poor old mouse has had a rough time through history but always seems to make it out on top. I was fascinated/bemused by the announcement that a mouse probably ended up costing British Airways 290,000 Euro last week. Flight BA285, was due to leave London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 at 10:40am on 1st March for San Franciso. Just before push back, a mouse was found on board. Because mice can gnaw through the wiring on aeroplanes, a wide-ranging check had to done before the plane could take off. There are thousands of cables on a…

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The Top Ten views from the air

What would you consider to be the ten best views from the air? British Airways asked their pilots who fly 180 routes globally to nominate their top ten: Northern Lights- I’d love to see them! Central London – Approach into Heathrow (I wonder how much that is about BA pilots coming home?) Mont Blanc – Pisa Sydney Harbour – on departure from Sydney, Australia Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and bay – San Francisco Greenland – North Atlantic flights Venetian canals – Venice, Italy Cape Town, Table Mountain, South Africa Dubrovnik, Croatia Mount Fuji The survey…

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Ethopian’s 787 Fire

Planes are not supposed to catch fire while sitting waiting eight hours between flights. Yet this is what happened to An Ethiopian Airline’s Boeing 787 at 1550h (330pm) on Friday in London while the aircraft was parked at a remote stand. There were no passengers aboard the plane. Heathrow Airport closed both its runways for 90 minutes. 42 short haul flights were cancelled and some flights were delayed for six hours. It is just on six months since fire broke out aboard an empty Japan Airlines 787 whil it was standing in Boston on January…

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