Following the Farewell to 49 years of Qantas 747

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What would I have given to be on this 747 as it made its last voyage across the Pacific? Sadly, no passengers were aboard, sadly,  nor any cabin crew. I would not have qualified as one of the half a dozen lucky pilots either who took the last ever Qantas 747 from Sydney to Los Angeles.

After 49 years of service, COVID19 accelerated the retirement of Qantas’ Jumbo jet and their last plane of the type was ferried to the Mojave desert this week.

With cooperation from Qantas, Air traffic control and the pilots entered into a series of zig zags to trace the Qantas flying Kangaroo in their route plan (pictured above) after departure from Australia.


The plane as QF7477 took off from Sydney airport (SYD) on 22nd July, 2020 at 1528h local time, turned right and looped back over the airport before flying over the Harbour entrance and over the city of Sydney including a loop over the harbour and over Sydney icons the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

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It then flew down to the HARS Aviation Museum – Albion Park at Albion park near Wollongong. While there, the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) was given a special ‘wing wave’ by the plane to the Qantas 747 that now resides at what museum. The plane then ventured out into the Pacific, did the kangaroo shape  and then continued on to LAX airport.

This stunning video captures the takeoff and departure with material included from multiple sources. Thanks to lorenplanes on YouTube:

 And this video shows the last landing of Qantas 747 into Los Angeles International.

Qantas first 747 was delivered in 1971. Prior to this, Qantas organised three farewell flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

The comment of the day goes to Sydney Tower (YSSY): “Still the best looking aeroplane in the sky

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