Airbus’ 2035 Zero emissions Hydrogen planes

With the drive to shift the world from fossil fuels, companies across the world are looking for new types of aircraft fuel. Norway’s government have already announced that they want domestic flights operated by electric planes by 2030.

Hydrogen is becoming more and more appealing as the emissions free fuel to move a decent number of passengers long distances. Currently, hydrogen is expensive to produce and store but there is significant effort going into making hydrogen through “clean processes” such as solar, wind or geothermal methods. It is expected by the 2030s, we will have the ability to cleanly produce hydrogen at reasonable prices.

a group of airplanes in the sky
Copyright: Airbus, 2020

This week, Airbus unveiled three beautiful new concepts for future ZEROe (Zero Emissions) aeroplanes for 2035:

  1. a hydrogen powered turbofan-with a maximum speed of 828km/h capable of carrying up to 200 passengers
  2. a turboprop with capacity for up to 100 passengers at 612km/ha jet flying in the sky
  3. a blended wing aircraft that looks like a space craft also with a with a maximum speed of 828km/h and up to 200 passengers. I am not convinced this will be actually produced but it looks fun!

This video shows a little more:

We have a long way to go but it looks like the airline industry is moving closer to zero emissions concepts. I may be 70 before I fly on one but I can start dreaming!

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