A Rank of the Qantas Safety Videos Over the Years

With Qantas dropping a new safety video, I have had a nostalgic journey over some of the previous videos from 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020 and have ranked them below. And where do I rate this year’s safety video? Sorry Qantas. It slides into fourth place.

My Ratings of Qantas Previous Videos

1st2018Meet the Aussies sharing the spirit of Australia in stunning Australian locales
2nd2020Centenary Safety Video
3rd2016Showcasing Australia as an amazing place to visit
4th2024Fave places around the World
5th201716 locations around Australia.

Previous Videos by Year of Release

2020: 100 years of Qantas: 8 mins 21 secs-my second favourite video. It’s fun, clear, nostalgic and tells a good story.
2018: Qantas Spreads Aussie Culture around the globe: 7 mins 5 secs. This is my favourite video. I love the chosen staff and their stories and locations. I can watch it again and again.
2017: Favourite Spots around Australia: 6 mins 21 seconds I wasn’t as grabbed by this one.
2016: Friendly Australians and stunning destinations make up my third favourite video, 5 mins 21 secs

The 2024 video and my comments can be found here:

What’s your view? Which one is your favourite?

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