Air NZ becomes Air AllBlacks in brilliant new safety video

I have been a huge fan of Air New Zealand safety videos and have run out of superlatives for their amazing productions over the years (with one exception).  But lets face it, the Qantas safety video brings a tear to my eye and the Oman ones are cool too so I may just be a softie for a good air safety video presentation.

Their newest one, launched this week and which apparently took nine months to make will be hard for Aussies, South Africans and French people to sit through as it hammers home the airline (and the country’s) loyalty to their All Blacks rugby team! The ad shows the company being rebranded to Air All Blacks!

Screenshot 2019-08-07 at 10.44.48.png

It stars  Rick Hoffman of Suits fame who takes on the persona of Louis Litt for the video. As the Air All Blacks company lawyer interferes, in quite a few details. It is funny, it is  touching and the messages are clear. It beats their last one which was the first Air NZ safety video in 19 years to be considered so bad it was pulled off the screens after a very short time.

Watch the safety video- always. It may entertain you and it may save your life. And for goodness sake, if you have to evacuate, LEAVE YOUR BAGS. Enjoy this video:

a blue speedometer with a black stick

I vote this video “wonderful”






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