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Lion Air’s Woeful Safety

Have you seen those rants (usually on Facebook) from passengers  fuming because “their” plane has been cancelled or delayed. The tone they use often suggests they believe that airline has single handedly selected them to punish them. There are many reasons for aeroplane delays with weather and technical issues being the most common. An airline with a  good safety culture will not fly a plane which has had a technical issue until that fault is properly rectified. This suits me. Likewise, an airline with a good safety culture will empower their pilots not to take…

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Air Safety- Who I will and won’t fly.

Flying is incredibly safe. There are over 5000 airlines with ICAO codes. Very few of those carriers experience any major emergency incidents. Others do. Who do you know is safe or not? I rely on, that rate about 10 percent of all airlines. Out of those airlines, extrapolating data, 35% of airlines are fully compliant with seven safety measures. Now no one can guarantee that a “seven star” airline won’t have a crash involving fatalities but they are compliant with the most stringent safety requirements. In addition,  12% are one star airlines that…

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The Ann Coulter-Delta Twitter War: Weird Over Reaction

Let me declare, I love my emergency exit seats. So does Ann Coulter, apparently. When sitting in Economy in the USA with their stressful security procedures, awful airports and scrappy airline catering, the exit row seat seems the last luxury left! A luxury, Ann didn’t want to forgo when Delta moved her from her chosen Seat 15D on their flight 2852 from New York La Guardia Airport to West Palm Beach, Florida.  In the picture below it is the seat on the right of the aisle, on the aisle: The airline says the move was “inadvertent” while  “working…

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