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Lion Air’s Woeful Safety

Have you seen those rants (usually on Facebook) from passengers  fuming because “their” plane has been cancelled or delayed. The tone they use often suggests they believe that airline has single handedly selected them to punish them. There are many reasons for aeroplane delays with weather and technical issues being the most common. An airline with a  good safety culture will not fly a plane which has had a technical issue until that fault is properly rectified. This suits me. Likewise, an airline with a good safety culture will empower their pilots not to take…

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Air Safety- Who I will and won’t fly.

Flying is incredibly safe. There are over 5000 airlines with ICAO codes. Very few of those carriers experience any major emergency incidents. Others do. Who do you know is safe or not? I rely on, that rate about 10 percent of all airlines. Out of those airlines, extrapolating data, 35% of airlines are fully compliant with seven safety measures. Now no one can guarantee that a “seven star” airline won’t have a crash involving fatalities but they are compliant with the most stringent safety requirements. In addition,  12% are one star airlines that…

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Lion Crash-Scathing report

Lion Air, one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, have been the brunt of a scathing preliminary report following a crash on April 13 just off Denpasar airport in Bali of a brand new 737-800. The plane, had been delivered brand new to Lion Air in February, 2013  and had only 142 hours of flying time.  It was found to be airworthy. Four of the 108 (101 passengers and seven crew) on board, were seriously injured in the incident when the plane hit the water and broke up. According to The National Transportation Safety Committee (Indonesia’s…

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Lion Air Loses it

Lion Air’s slogan is “We make people fly”. On Saturday 13th April, the airline did not quite live up to their promise ditching a 737-800 and 101 passengers and seven crew into the sea. All survived -22 with injuries. The plane is a write-off. Lion Air  began flying in Indonesia in 2000. They commenced  with one plane.  Lion Air now connects 36 Indonesia cities plus destinations  Singapore, Malaysian destinations and Ho Ch Minh in  Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. Their website says their fleet consists of 15 737-800s, 16 MD90s, ten 737-400s and two 737-300s. Not  sure how the 737-800 fits in?…

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