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Qantas Freq Flyer “Re-Graded”

Qantas Airways have announced some significant changes to their ten million member Frequent Flyer program to take effect 1 July, 2014. Like many other airlines in the world, Qantas will give more points to those who spend more money. Domestic Points Earning Rates Change On Australian domestic flights, points will  be awarded at different rates depending on whether a flight is: Discount Economy Flexible Economy Business Flexible Business. The losers: those flying discount economy short haul fares within Australia e.g. Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Canberra and Canberra to Melbourne. From July 1st,  the guaranteed minimum number of points a passenger…

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Not Wanting the Cheapest Fare?!

As a Qantas Frequent Flyer, there are some categories of American Airlines Coach tickets that earn me points and status credits. These are:  GLMNSV Discount Economy  and BHKY economy.  Other fare classes do not earn me any points or status credits eg OQ. I  don’t overly care about the points but Status Credits are important to me as I want to keep my priority check in, higher luggage allowance and lounge access. Often the difference in price between a Q and a N fare is very, very slight but the outcome is,of course, very different. The obvious…

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