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Malaysia calls for help from 25 nations

Malaysia‘s defence and transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein told a press conference that “The number of countries involved in the search and rescue operation has increased from 14 to 25“. The search area now involves eleven countries. In addition, the Indian Ocean has an average depth of 3,890 metres (12,762 ft). On Sunday afternoon (Malaysia time), officials briefed envoys from about 20 countries on progress in the investigation.In addition, the United States, France and China have all been asked for more satellite information to help find the missing Boeing 777. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is reporting that the Malaysia Airlines plane…

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Sun rises on a new day in Malaysia

Sunrise this morning in Malaysia is at 0722am local time today. With the sun rise comes a bewildering lack of answers as to how one of the world’s safest aeroplanes flown by a five star airline suddenly vanished off radar screens on a routine flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.The weather was clear with no warnings. The signs point to a catastrophic event for Malaysia Airlines MH 370.  If there had been a mechanical failure,  the pilot should have been able to radio for help. Did the plane suddenly break up and/or went into a very steep dive, similar to…

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