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The Many sides of Malé, tiny capital of the Maldives -with Top recommended sights

When people ask me to describe Malé, the capital city of the Maldives I say  “it is like no other place on earth“.  Maldives,  in fact, means “the islands of Malé’”. It was the King’s Island, the seat of the Maldivian Royal family from (at least) 1117 until 1968 with a couple of interruptions for republics and regencies.  The Maldives are made up  of 1192 tiny islands with a total land area of 298 sq km sitting in 90,000 square kilometres (35,000 sq mi) of Indian Ocean. Almost 400,000 people live in the country with about one-third (about 130,000) living in…

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Sri Lankan to the Maldives -4 Marvellous Business Flights

BKK:  Bangkok,Thailand to MLE: Malé, Maldives, Via CMB:, Colombo, Sri Lanka (and return) Four flights, Business Class. One A320, a 321 and two A330s While there are a stable of airlines I really enjoy flying, I get a kick from trying a new airline for the first time. We found a very attractive Business Class deal from Sri Lankan airlines from Bangkok to the Maldives which meant I got to ride in my 93rd airline and enjoy a new One World partner. Booking: 8/10 Their website is very easy to navigate and looks very clean…

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