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American Airlines Feel Good Video: You Are Why We fly

AA has a video to tug the heart strings pointing out that the most disruptive event n their 94 year history is upon them:  American Airlines:  You Are Why We Fly No mention that the only reason they are surviving this storm is because of a massive  $5.8 billion government fund injection.  Four billion is in the form of grants and the remaining $1.7 billion as a low-interest loan. The airline also plans to apply for a further $4.8 billion loan from The US Treasury Department. American is one of my least favourite airlines in …

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Airline closures and suspensions- Status of Key Airlines

The travel industry is in a really tough place right now. I can’t see how airlines will survive without government financial aid. Every airline is making major changes. The tally is one airline shut down forever, six who have suspended all operations for a period of time and several who have made massive cuts to operations. What do you need to do? Whatever they are doing, if you are tickets, then you and/or the airline will probably be making some sort of changes to flight time, date or destination. If you have booked through a…

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American ditches Fleet, Network and Frequency

  Sunday evening March 15,  I fly to Dublin, Ireland with American Airlines. Little did I know when I booked my trip that this would be the very  last day for that flight until at least May.  Flights from Charlotte, Philadelphia and Phoenix  to London Heathrow, Dublin  and Manchester  will be suspended on March 15 and the return trips back to the USA will be flown  March 16.   These are part of a 75% cut in American’s international capacity which will be accompanied by a 20% cut in its  domestic capacity in April and…

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Eighty Times around the World

Jules Verne’s character Phileas Fogg traveled by steamer, train, elephant and horse around the world to demonstrate it was possible to do so. It took eighty days. Today, I completed my 80th navigation of the globe. This is a touch over two million miles (3.2 million kilometres), a feat which has taken me just over half a century of flying. This is what it looks like: I have flown to 62 of the 80 countries, I have visited. The rest I have reached by bus, train, car and in one case foot. Importantly, my travels…

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Good Bye US Airways- will they be missed?

  Tomorrow, US Airways disappears as a brand. It joins AirTran, Aloha, Continental, Midwest Express, Northwest, TWA as airline brands that have all disappeared since 2001. The largest airlines in the US have contracted to just three large carriers: American, Delta and United. US first flew in 1939 as mail carrier All American Aviation, adding passenger traffic in 1949. In 1953 it became Allegheny Airlines, a name it carried until the deregulation era of 1979 when USAir was adopted. USAir was varied to US Airways in 1997. In 2005, they entered into a “reverse merger” with America West with the America West…

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An American -US Air merger- closer [updated]

American Airlines has bowed to pressure from creditors and is exploring merger options, having previously vowed to go it alone. This consideration makes the possibility much more real. Especially with the AA unions being so keen on a merger. Lots of logic for the move. It would create the second-largest airline in the United States in terms of operating revenue. US Airways plans to adopt the American Airlines name. The unions feel it would protect them. Not sure what it will do to customer service at the airline. I personally think AA has the worst in the USA (Business Insider said in 2011 that American Airlines is…

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