My 2016 Travel Tips (In order of popularity)

img_5879My goal is to enjoy both travel and destination.

I am constantly looking for ways to save money, speed up airport experiences, have better travel experiences and effectively explore my world or find ways of relaxing.

One of the reasons I blog, is to share these tips that I learn along the way.


In order of popularity, these were my travel tips that I shared each Monday last year:

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  1. Did you delete comments about your trash post? Can’t find anyone who disagreed with you.

    Here in California we finally passed a law banning plastic bags – many retailers are charging a dime for a paper bag – amazing how many people are so cheap they won’t pay a dime! The good news is that far fewer bags (plastic or paper) are used and more people are bringing their own.

    Should ban plastic bags world-wide – would make a huge impact. And add bottle return charges so that in poor countries the poor could earn income from collecting all the plastic bottles that are discarded.

  2. Hi Mser
    Yes I did not publish the abusive comments!
    I would love to see a world wide ban on plastic bags. And plastic bottles and packaging.
    Great to hear the California law is making a difference.
    Thanks for your comment

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