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Air NZ becomes Air AllBlacks in brilliant new safety video

I have been a huge fan of Air New Zealand safety videos and have run out of superlatives for their amazing productions over the years (with one exception).  But lets face it, the Qantas safety video brings a tear to my eye and the Oman ones are cool too so I may just be a softie for a good air safety video presentation. Their newest one, launched this week and which apparently took nine months to make will be hard for Aussies, South Africans and French people to sit through as it hammers home the…

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New Turkish vid combines humour, safety, Lego and planes!

The boring safety announcements are looking more and more endangered as airlines increasingly use their on board safety videos to differentiate their brand. The videos are designed to grab your attention and build your awareness of who you are flying with. Whoever in the Turkish airlines marketing department managed to involve the Lego franchise was a genius. Everyone (especially if you have small and big kids) will be remembering this video. If you are familiar with The Lego Movies, then the characters and some of their behaviors will be familiar to you. The safety video…

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Crowd funding Plane and Food for Somalia- The Love Army for Somalia

What do these people and Turkish Airlines have in common? Left to right: Casey Neistat, You Tuber Ben Stiller, actor Colin Kaepernick, American football quarterback Juanpa Zarita, YouTuber Jerome Jarre, entrepreneur and Social Media Star You may have heard about the fascinating campaign they have all participated in which has raised two million dollars for food for Somalia and organised a plane to get the food there. Somalia has had a civil war running for 26 years. With a per capita GDP sitting at $274, it is one of the poorest and most tragic of failed states. This year the African…

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No drinks on Turkish?

What happens when societal attitudes impact on an airline’s on board offerings? When I flew with Turkish airlines last year, their on board catering blew me away. Catering that included an impressive wine list. Whilst researching the airline, I was interested in the number of conservative Turks who lambasted the airline’s “lax attitude to alcohol” which is viewed as incompatible with religious practice. For an airline that has the slogan “Globally Yours”, this gives room to potential conflict. In February this year, the airline stopped serving alcohol on most domestic routes “due to logistical considerations.“. The airline…

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Turkish Delight -Great Trip + Best Economy Meal Ever!

Turkish airlines are the 83rd airline I have ever flown. Member of the Star Alliance since 2008, they have been expanding rapidly in the last eight years and now fly to over 200 destinations with 160 aircraft.  Turkish Airlines have been awarded  Europe’s Best Airline and Southern Europe’s Best Airline  twice in 2011 and 2012. Interestingly, this week, Lufthansa expressed an interest in either merging with or forming a closer alliance with Turkish Airlines. Booking 5 out of 10 I booked through online travel agents who were offering the same flights at a much reduced cost compared to the Turkish Airlines own website. I also…

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