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Where are you? I want to hear from you!

I am safe at home and finishing my quarantine in two days. At that time, I will be then be able to remain at home under lock-down! This tantalizing view from my bathroom shows me the (quieter) world outside. I am curious to know where other people are and what they are doing? Are you stuck somewhere and cannot get home because you have no money or access to travel options? Are you in self isolation or quarantine having come back to your home county? Have you had to cancel your travel plans and are…

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Do I wear a mask on the plane? Latest on staying healthy.

By now you will have seen the picture of the guy wearing a tent on his plane to protect himself from the corona-virus. Impractical, and uncomfortable but necessity is mother of invention! I cannot see them being sold by airlines as part of their onboard merchandise!   As someone who lives in Asia and travels extensively, I am following the news of the current coronavirus  now known as COVID-19 very closely. Here is as much info as possible to assist fellow travellers which does not include selling you a tent. What is COVID19 COVID 19…

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Know Your Emergency Numbers – country by country comprehensive list

In this current situation with the Corona virus impacting people, do you know the emergency numbers of the country you are going to? In many parts of the world, people believe the emergency phone number is 911, the North American response number. It is not universal nor is 999, the UK number.  112 has become standard in many parts of the world but not everywhere. Also, in some countries, there is one number for all services: fire, police and ambulance. In other nations, the numbers are different for each service. I encourage people to know…

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