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My First Cebu Pacific Flight

Having tried Philippine Airlines for the first time last week, I was determined to try their fast growing competitor Cebu Pacific. Especially, when I was flying from their own hub. Booking: 2/10 Booking with Cebu Pacific was one of the most mind-blowing frustrating experiences of my life. The website froze seven times in mid-booking over three days! I re-booted my computer multiple times and came back to the website. In frustration, I contacted Cebu Pacific who suggested I did not know what I was doing! Having convinced them that I was a tech savvy frequent…

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MH 17 Revised Passenger List

Malaysia Airlines has revised its passengers list after verifying a further 21 of the 41 passengers whose nationality could not initially be verified. These passengers were previously unidentified as they were in transit, and had not entered passport control in Amsterdam. The new breakdown on passengers is: Australia: 27 Belgium: 4 Canada: 1 Germany: 4 Indonesia: 12 Malaysia: 44 Netherlands: 173 New Zealand: 1 Philippines: 3 United Kingdom: 9   Related Posts Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 [updated] Malaysia Airlines Passengers by Nationality

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Thoughts with the Philippines

My thoughst to the people of the Philippines impacted by Super Typhoon Haiyan which slammed into  the country on Friday with a sustained windspeed of 278km/h (170mph).  The death toll sits at 1200 plus with some saying it may be 10, 000. The typhoon is now heading toward Northern Vietnam. The Red Cross/Red Crescent movement world wide is supporting the relief work. Donations can be made by Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.   Related Posts: Japan- One Year On          

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