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And Russia makes 77

I am filling in my globe with all of the countries, territories and regions I have visited.  With the addition of Russia this week, I have made it to 77 countries. I only count a country if I have left the airport. So while, I have transited through Doha and Johannesburg airports, I do not include Qatar and  South South Africa in my tally. I have been to about two thirds of the countries in both Asia and Europe and exactly half of all the nations in the Oceania region of the planet. African exploration…

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Bahrain Air

Bahrain Air held an Extraordinary General Meeting this week at which shareholders immediately suspended operations and declared bankruptcy. The carrier claimed that the kingdom’s political situation over the last two years had caused significant disruption to its operations with no compensation.   The question of course is “does the kingdom with 1.3 million citizens need two airlines, particularly when Gulf Air the main carrier has lost money and three CEOs!” Bahrain air founded in 2008 has found the answer.

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Reflections on Gulf Air

This week I fly from the Middle East to Paris where I will be competing in the Paris Half Marathon.  Then I have a quick train trip to see friends in Amsterdam! See map below. Last week, I landed at my 195th airport in my life: Bahrain in the emptiest plane I have ever been on. It was an Etihad 777 from Abu Dhabi that I swear was 10 to 15% full. Crew said the large plane was used because it was transporting freight. Arrival at Bahrain  was frustrating because of the “security situation” (petrol bombs, tear gas, rubber bullets…

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This week: 20 to 26 February, 2012

So how was last week? This week I am back with Etihad up to the Middle East.  Am wondering what they will do with my Platinum card (last time I flew them I was Gold). In Melbourne (where I am starting my journey from), they use the Air New Zealand lounge which is a very nice one. Safe travels to you!

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