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The disturbing image from the American Airlines Evac

Thanks to the proliferation of cameras, airline emergencies are increasingly being filmed by escaping passengers. Last week, an American Airlines Boeing 767 bound for Miami caught fire on the runway of Chicago’s O’Hare airport while taking off. The pilot aborted the take-off and evacuated everyone on board via emergency chutes as black smoke poured from the aeroplane. Twenty people suffered minor injuries. There is video of the situation inside the cabin: The thing that astounds me is how many passengers are carrying bags off the plane. You can see women with handbags, men with laptops.…

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Obnoxious Flyers increase–why?

He was seated two seats ahead of me, on the last (and delayed) service between two major Australian cities.  Soon after take off, it became clear he was drunk. He started off with what seemed to be funny banter, turned into mocking behaviour and then became full on racist and sexist abuse of cabin crew and neighbouring passengers. In all of the 1140 times I have flown, I have seen passengers whose behaviour was less than ideal but there has only been one flight where I have feared for my safety.  I have I have been…

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Unhappy Passenger’s revenge

If you could not get a seat on a plane, what would you do? After begging Merpati Nusantara airlines for five hours to sell him a seat on a sold out flight from Kupang (Timor Island) to Ngada (Flores) on Saturday 21 December, an Indonesian district chief, Marianus Sae, got revenge. Mr Sae sent public order officers to drive cars onto the runway of Turolelo Soa airport to stop the plane landing at its destination.  He said “blocking Merpati from landing at the airport would teach the airline a firm lesson.” Airport officials could not stop the…

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Lion Air – World’s Fourth Largest Airline?

  Lion Air wants lots of planes! It has already placed two the biggest aeroplane orders in aviation history: 234 Airbus A320 and A320neo aircraft valued at US$ 24 billion in 2013 230 Boeing planes in 2012 worth $US22.4-billion 44 ATRs on order– the largest order with that manufacturer Now, the airline is talking to Canada’s Bombardier Inc.’ about their CS300 planes with a possible 100 plane order.   With its other orders, the airline will grow their fleet from 120 planes currently to over 820 planes in a decade. This would propel Lion Air…

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Nervous Flyers Relax (Travel Tip #11)

When Ansett Australia was flying, their in flight magazine had a section for nervous and new flyers explaining the bangs and noises of a flight. Last week British British Airways is installing an instructional video  on its in-flight entertainment system based on its one-day Flying with Confidence course. The video guides passengers through the operations of an aircraft, including explaining the  technical side of flying including turbulence. The course is run by Captain Allright (that is his real name apparently!) Also included in the video are relaxation techniques from clinical psychologists to help reduce any feelings of panic. A clip…

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What happened to the Airbus A330 that went down in 2009?

As a very frequent flyer with 752 take offs and 752 landings now, I am particularly keen to keep the number of my landings the same as the number of take offs. Any investigations, therefore, into plane crashes interest me.  Call me morbid or possessing an active self preservation interest? You may remember Air France 447 that was en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on 31 May 2009 (exactly two years ago). It plunged into the ocean off the coast of Brazil. After an almost two year search,  the black boxes belonging to the A330 have been found and investigated by France’s…

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